Money Making With Trust Jacking

Trust Jacker is a revolutionary plugin. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about SEO ever again.  All you need to do is to find a place to post your trust jacking link, sit back and watch sales to roll in. The possibilities are unlimited, but to get you started right away here are some traffic getting ideas.



facebook trust jackerFacebook is one of the best places for your trust jacker links. It is the most visited website in the world according to Alexa. Members of Facebook are very active, sharing millions of links daily with each other. So how can you tap into this great source?  Start with your own profile: find interesting articles, make trust jacking links and share them with your friends. Next, go to fan pages, get into conversations and share links to related helpful articles. The best part of Facebook is that things go viral really fast. A link with interesting information posted on one of these pages can eventually go to thousands of people. Going even deeper, you can build your own fan pages on any topic where you can share these links with your followers. The good thing is that most people will never find out that you are trying to sell something to them.



twitter logoTwitter is another great place to share trust jacker links. The number of links shared on Twitter every day is insane, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Build your page with many followers, send them valuable information while making money on the back end with trust jacking.  Twitter is much similar to Facebook in a sense that some tweets go viral like crazy. Besides sharing links on your profile, you can also reply to other people tweets to get some targeted leads.




forumsForums are golden and here is why. Most of them are related to a niche, so people in forums are very targeted. Think of Warrior Forum for example, it’s huge and most people that visit it are internet marketers. Take any other niche, weight loss for example, and you are sure to find forums where people are passionate about the topic. If you are already a part of the forum, that’s great, if not, than establish yourself on couple of them, get into discussions and start sharing trust jacker links. Because people on forums are very passionate about the topic, they will love extra information you share with them.



Other Social Media sites

social networkingThe other 2 major social media sites are Pinterest and YouTube. Use these to drive even more traffic to your trust jacking links. Search around and you will find many more social networking sites where you can connect with people from all around the world and share links.




Social Bookmarking Sites

social-bookmarking-sitesThere are tons of these – Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, Diego, Delicious just to name a few. Get an account with these sites, find interesting articles, write awesome headlines and share. People join these sites to get the latest news and interesting information on topics they are passionate about, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get involved and make some cash here.




Email List

email marketingDo you have an email list? With Trust jacker you can monetize more emails without losing trust of your subscribers. People don’t like being sold to, so sending your list a paid offer every day is not a good idea. With this plugin you can send your subscribers trustjacker links with useful information (say, an article related to the topic) and make money without them knowing that.




Paid Ads

paid advertisingOne of other sources to get some targeted traffic is paid ads. Find a good affiliate offer/article match and build a paid ads campaign. There are many websites besides Google Adwords that specialize in ads placement, that are much cheaper. You will receive targeted traffic to your links in no time.




Anywhere else you can place a link


Think of any place where you can post a link and where people will see it. This is what makes Trustjacker so awesome. All you need to do is to find a place to post your link and you are done. Have your link in a Q&A type of website, a video sharing site, a file sharing site, a blog comment, a blog post or an article. Any of these could be a good source of traffic for your money making with trust jacking.


What to promote for your Trust Jacking campaigns?


In short, you can promote absolutely anything. It will largely depend on where you are trying to promote your offer. CPA is a good choice, especially ones that ask for zip or email submit. People don’t actually need to buy anything for most of these and you get paid as long as they submit their information. But you can also promote a ClickBank product, Amazon product or your own product. Another good use of Trust Jacker is to build your list. Just put your opt-in form into a pop up and you are ready to get some more subscribers for your list.


One other challenge with Trust Jacker is to find a good content/offer match. You need to find an article or a video that would make people go “wow, I need to get this”, and you need to have a high quality offer to get people to actually put in their information so you can receive money. Once you figure this out, just go to traffic sources mentioned above, start posting your links and start getting clicks and conversions.


More training on each of these is provided inside the members’ area of the plugin, but only for those who have decided to join the Mastermind. If you find this information useful then I strongly recommend you considering joining a mastermind group on Facebook and get access to all great mastermind training that Rob and Garry provide. But to make it easier for you, I have included some amazing bonuses to get you started making money as fast as possible.


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